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The invitation is the first thing you see and the last memory you save as a reminder of a wedding.

Organising a wedding or any other similar event takes a long time and a great deal of effort, but it's worth it because you know your guest will have a great time. The first thing they will see is your invitation; but it is also the last thing they will save to remember the day after it is all over. Is it not worth doing something pretty, something special?

An invitation must be very attractive, but must also be very personal. At least we believe in not using templates and standard models... At Barcino we'll help you ensure your invitations look amazing. We can check and adjust the design (colours, fonts, margins...), as well as helping in the design. And we will always advise you on which paper to choose and how to make sure your invitations look perfect, while staying within the budget.

Digital, customised printing for all types of wedding invitations, communion invitations, christenings, anniversaries, exhibitions, presentations, congresses, trade fairs and all kinds of events.


If you only need a few cards, or need them urgently, choose digital.

Digital printing is the most frequently used technique. It is perfect for small and urgent runs for invitations to christenings, weddings and communions, for example. We can print 50, 100 or 300 high quality invitations from one day to the next, without having to wait. The price is very reasonable, as there are no plates or anything involved, the printing is direct. However, digital printing does not allow for special effects, such as metallic gold or silver inks, embossing or anything like that, which can only be done using screen printing.

Offset printing is reserved for large volumes, such as congresses, exhibitions or similar events. Offset provides greater resolution for details and much lower prices for large quantities, thanks to being a highly automated process.

Screen printing allows to go beyond paper and print on other materials, such as Forex, fabric, etc. It provides less details than offset, but the colours are brighter, given that the inks are applied in a thicker layer.


Did you know we can print each person's name on their individual invitations?

Customised digital printing allows to add customised and unique details to each invitation: the name of the guest, the exact location, etc. This is also known as "printing variable data" because it defines a variable field and then prints based on the instructions provided for each person. Imagine if you had to print 200 invitations that instead of being identical, started off with a "Hello John".


How much does it cost to print wedding invitations, and how long do they take?

Come and see us, we're in the centre of Barcelona (Eixample district).
We have offices and digital printing in Barcelona, and we do our offset printing outside the city, to always guarantee the best possible prices.

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We specialise in printing cards and invitations.
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We don't print invitations like hot cakes, we work so your invitations are amazing.

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Check what your printed invitations will look like. Free for large volume projects.

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