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Forex (PVC), foamboard... What is the best material for printing?

We sometimes need to provide more rigidity to our printing. Fortunately there are lots of materials that can help us, but the difference in usability and price is vast (the more rigid, the more costly)... What to choose? Which is the best?

  1. For indoor posters, signs and photographs (shops, exhibition halls, etc.), we recommend you use foamboard.
  2. For small displays, counter top displays, compact pressed cardboard; if the display is large, then it is best to use corrugated cardboard or even foamboard.
  3. For large promotional panels, such as photocalls: foamboard.
  4. For signage and posters, especially when used outdoors, we recommend using Forex, which provides greater quality and durability, or polypropylene for a more lightweight and simple option.


Pressed or compact cardboard, paperboard, corrugated cardboard...

Cardboard is the most economical and lightweight support. It can be compact pressed cardboard or corrugated cardboard with one or more flutes. If plasticised, the quality of the printing and its resistance to blows increases considerably. This is a good choice for medium-sized displays, given that it is quite cheap. Can be used indoors and for objects with a short useful life: displays, flyer holders, signs, etc.


Polyurethane foam, or better known as foamboard or foam.

foamboard or foam is equally light in weight but has a better quality finish. This high-density polyurethane foam comes in 125 x 250 cm sheets, with 5 or 10 mm thickness, in white or black. This material is very easy to handle: it can be cut using a cutter, stuck, nailed, fixed to the wall using strips of Velcro, silicone, staples, screws, etc. It is ideal for high quality signs, large photographs, large displays, photocalls, sample collections, etc.


Foamed PVC or Forex provide maximum rigidity and durability even for outdoor displays.

Foamed PVC or Forex is a highly resistant, multi-purpose material. Forex comes in 3, 5 or 10 mm thickness and a wide range of colours: white, black, red, yellow, green... It is similar to foamboard, but much more rigid, heavier and more resistant to blows. It can be used outdoors. It comes in 125 x 250 cm sheets which can be cut or joined to form larger panels (we can provide securing mounts). It is ideal for exhibitions, advertisements, signage, etc. This material is the most expensive one.


The most lightweight and practical material for outdoor use.

Cellular polypropylene is a very lightweight and relatively resistant plastic, especially designed for outdoor use. It is easy to handle: can be cut using a cutter. It is typically used for signage and real estate signs (properties for sale or purchase). It is cheaper than Forex but is obviously of a lesser quality and less durable.


The more units you print, the cheaper the unit price.

At last we can print directly onto all these materials: Forex (PVC), foamboard, polypropylene, etc. Thanks to digital printing we can now print just one unit if necessary. Digital printing has gained a great deal of quality, there is no longer banding or similar effects, the colours, even blacks and large areas of colour, now look perfect. We can print immediately, no need to wait for the ink to dry or anything like that. And, as it no longer requires making plates or layouts, the cost for few units is much more reasonable. Make the most of the advantages provided by digital printing.


How much does it cost to print on Foamboard or Forex?

2 Foamboard
Colour digital printing
Size DIN A3
White 5mm foamboard
High quality printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 2 days
Price: 23
Forex (PVC)
Colour digital printing
Size DIN A3
White 5mm Forex
High quality printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 2 days
Price: 26
Colour digital printing
Size DIN A3
5mm Cellular polypropylene
High quality printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 2 days
Price: 22


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