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Advertisements and signs with professional finishes

When designing a poster or sign, we aim to generate an attractive visual impact.
But quite often, despite having a good design, the printing or the results are not what we expected. To avoid this, we must define the intended use of a specific poster, and thus be able to choose the best suited material (support), finishes, inks, etc.

If the poster is for indoor use, small (DIN A4) or medium (DIN A3), photographic paper may be sufficient, and if you want a more rigid support, the lightweight cardboard will suffice.

However, if the poster is for outdoor use (façade, window), you would be better off using supports such as Forex, and using UVI inks for avoiding discolouration through sun exposure. For large posters you may be interested in printing them on vinyl or in choosing textile printing: canvas, thin canvas, silk... there are lots of printing options that provide amazing results!

  1. Material / support High weight photographic paper. Textile (canvas, silk)
  2. Inks: Normal inks or UVI inks, especially for outdoors.
  3. Finishes: Coated or laminated, gloss or matt.
  4. Quantity: How many posters do you need? We can print just one poster if that's what you need.
  5. Printing technology: Digital or offset.
  6. Time periods: Your printed poster / sign in 24 hours.


Print 1 poster using digital technology, as of 300 choose offset.

Digital printing is ideal for small runs and/or urgent posters.
You can print just one poster, so this is ideal for test runs. The printing is direct, no waiting, you'll have your poster in just a few hours. Digital printing has gained a great deal of quality, there is no longer banding or similar effects, the colours, even blacks and large areas of colour, now look perfect. And, as it no longer requires printing plates or layouts, the cost per unit is much more reasonable.

Printing your posters using offset is the best option for large runs, as of about 300 posters. You'll have to pay the initial cost, but these will be compensated through a significant reduction in the cost per unit, as you print more posters. The delivery period is normally about 3 days.


Printing posters and signs on different materials and supports.

The size and intended use are very important when it comes to choosing the material and the support used for your signs.

If you want to print small signs or posters, DIN A4 or DIN A3, you can probably print on good 300 gram laminated photographic paper with either a matt or glossy finish.

If the poster or sign is large, as of DIN A2, you will need a rigid base support, hence you are better off printing on lightweight cardboard or Forex.

Large images for trade fairs and events tend to be printed in high quality and mounted on roll-ups or folding displays, which are normally 80 x 180cm and when rolled up they are easy to transport.

For very large advertising elements, it is often better to print on adhesive vinyl (if you have a surface where you want to stick it onto), or digital textile printing (canvas, silk, etc.) if it is to be hung or stretched.


How much does it cost to print one poster? And what about 50 posters?

The price for printing posters depends on the size, material, inks, quantity and type of printing (digital or textile). Here are some examples:

100 A3 posters
Digital printing
Size 42cm x 29cm
135 gram coated photographic paper
Colour printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 74
500 A3 posters
Digital printing
Size 42cm x 29cm
135 gram coated photographic paper
Colour printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 139
200 A3 posters
Digital printing
Size 50cm x 70cm
150 gram coated photographic paper
Colour printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 182


Printing signs in the centre of Barcelona

Come and see us, we're in the centre of Barcelona (Eixample district).
We have offices and digital printing in Barcelona, and we do our offset printing outside the city, to always guarantee the best possible prices.

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