Merchandising and gifts for companies and events



Promotional gifts for all types of events, launches, celebrations, etc.

We are experts in merchandising and promotional gifts. We offer different products, new gift ideas, higher quality materials and the possibility of customization even for very short runs, at unbeatable prices.

  1. Promotional gifts for fairs or congresses.. Bags and briefcases, diaries, notebooks, pens, key rings, card holders, USBs, chargers, headphones, speakers, lanyards, travel kits, face masks, ear plugs, etc.
  2. Corporate gifts for companies: anniversaries, events, etc. Personalized cloth bags, mouse pads, post-it notes, backpacks, pens, towels, bottles, thermoses, gifts, calculators, etc.
  3. Merchandising for product launches. Cloth bags, t-shirts, caps, figurines... We custom design all kinds of products. Custom printing on all types of materials and surfaces.
  4. Gifts and reminders for weddings, baptisms and communions. Cards, menus, fans, figurines, cigars, candy bags, bottle openers, lighters, coasters, picture frames, candles, makeup kits, etc.


Only 100% ecological materials: natural cork, recycled cardboard, bamboo, etc.

Differentiate yourself and help the conservation of the environment. Promotional gifts made with ecological and/or recycled materials. High quality finishes. Very competitive prices.

  1. Desk / office: recycled cardboard pen, natural cardboard notebook, recycled plastic backpack, natural cork keychain, charger, bamboo digital clock, cork and cement speaker, etc.
  2. Kitchen / food: shopping bag, bamboo coasters, bamboo cups and glasses, organic cotton apron, etc.
  3. Personal care and beauty: natural cork toilet bag, bamboo toothbrush, etc.


Pad printing, laser, screen printing, digital printing, transfer, embroidery, sublimation...

We have digital printing technology to print and personalize all kinds of promotional gifts, even on difficult surfaces. We can print very short runs and even personalize each gift with the person's name, a detail that looks great for diaries, pens, mugs, wallets, etc.

  1. Pad printing: used for serial printing of small promotional gifts such as pens. It is a very economical printing and the definition of the details is very large, getting very small logos are stamped in a spectacular way. It is not suitable for key chains or metallic pens, or to customize objects individually.
  2. Laser marking: used to print industrial products in steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, ceramics... We can print and personalize trophies, medals, mugs, pens, key rings, plaques...
  3. Traditional screen printing: the best option to print large runs at very low cost. It allows printing on almost any surface: fabric, paper, ceramics, metal... Maximum printing quality: reproduction of works of art, signs, clothing, advertising canopies, decals, bottle decorations, etc. Special finishes that cannot be achieved with any other technique: printing on dark backgrounds, wefts and gradients, metallic (foil), aged, reflective, reliefs (high density, puff printing...), suede printing, flocking, glitter, glitters, sequins...
  4. Digital screen printing: ideal for printing very few units, with high quality, quickly and at an excellent price. It can print CMYK, has white ink to enhance the colors and varnishes to improve the final finish. We can screen print short runs of diaries, mugs, pens, pencils, pendrives, or any other promotional object: from 1 single unit, at very reasonable prices and quickly. It allows to personalize each object with a different print.
  5. Textile printing: All kinds of marking techniques for textile, depending on the type of fabric and the colors we want to print. Textile transfer, valid for any garment or textile, whether cotton, artificial fibers or blends (siliconized finish to the touch). Embroidery in relief of threads of different colors (more expensive). Textile screen printing, a fast and economical option for printing large quantities at low cost (as long as the design does not include gradients). Textile sublimation, handmade transfer of designs printed with plotter and ironed on the garment, when exposed to heat the image is transferred to the garment. Digital textile printing (digital screen printing): full color direct printing on cotton and polyester garments, ideal for short runs and customization, without color limits or gradients, does not leave the feel of plastic, very good color quality and high durability.


We help you achieve the best printing results at the lowest cost.

In Barcino we are experts in printing promotional gifts.

More than 75 years as a printing company and more than 20 years doing personalized digital printing.

We have catalogs with hundreds of promotional products, of the best quality, at the lowest price. We have the latest novelties and the newest ideas. We have ecological gifts. If you don't find what you are looking for, let us know and we will find it for you.

As experts in printing we will help you to make your gifts and promotional items perfect, without spending a penny more than necessary.

Come to consult us, we are in the heart of Bcn (Eixample area). We have offices and digital printing in Barcelona, and offset printing outside the city, to always guarantee printing promotional gifts at unbeatable prices.

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