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Direct textile printing water-based inks.

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T-shirts, polo shirts, bags...we can print on nearly anything!

Long- and short-sleeved T-shirts are undoubtedly the most versatile garments for printing on, but we can also print on polo shirts, sweatshirts, aprons or shoulder bags. All of which can be of any size and any colour. Choose the one you like the most and bring it in, we'll deal with the printing.

The composition of the garments is important. Direct digital printing requires the fabric be 100% cotton, however screen printing can be used for other synthetic materials.

We can print on any colour, including black, maintaining lively and saturated colours. The lesser the weave of the fabric, the better the printing will look.


Screen printing or direct printing using water-based ink, you choose.

What is the best technique for printing T-shirts?
It seems as though there are thousands of different options available, but that's not true.

The traditional technique for printing on T-shirts is screen printing, which provides optimal results on any type of material (cotton, synthetic fabrics, etc.), but is only worthwhile for larger runs, of at least 50 T-shirts. In screen printing, the price depends on the number of colours, although it does drop considerably as the number of units to be printed on increases.

Digital textile printing (transfer, plastisol, stampatex...), was an alternative for digitally printing few T-shirts or garments at a reasonable price. The problem is that this technique, which prints a design onto the fabric using a vinyl material, provides an unpleasant "rigid" and "plasticised" finish, and over time the printing cracks. As this is the cheapest method, it is usually used for T-shirts that will only be used once (parties, hen or stag parties, etc.).

Direct digital textile printing provides the best results. This technique prints directing onto the garment, which must be cotton, using water-based ink. It provides shiny colours, with a pleasant feel. As it uses digital techniques, it allows for printing just one T-shirt but with greater quality and at a very reasonable price. This is undoubtedly our favourite!


Vinyl or PVC canvases, synthetic fabric, silk, canvas, etc.

Vinyl or PVC canvases. Advertising format for outdoors, providing high resistance and durability, withstands exposure to sun and rain. Printing on canvas, thin canvas or micro-perforated canvas.

Printing banners and high quality synthetic fabrics (up to 600 DPI). A wide range of materials. With all the quality and shine provided by enhanced colours. Ideal for banners, curtains, advertisements, etc.

Printing on canvas (photo-paintings). We'll adjust and retouch your photograph, digitally print it on canvas (canvas-type fabric) and then frame it with a wood or aluminium frame so it looks like a painting. Photo-paintings on canvas.


How much would it cost to print 1, 10 or 50 T-shirts, and what technique would be the best?

Ask us. We'll help you with the design, adjusting the sizes and thickness of the fonts, etc. We want your T-shirts to look perfect, without spending any more than necessary.

1 T-shirt
Large print
Size 42cm x 29cm
Colour print on front
Direct textile printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 20
50 T-shirts
Large print
Size 42cm x 29cm
1 colour print on front
Direct textile printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 240
50 T-shirts
Large print
Size 42cm x 29cm
1 colour print on front and back
Direct textile printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 360


Printing on cotton T-shirts in the centre of Barcelona

Come and see us, we're in the centre of Barcelona (Eixample district).
We have offices and digital printing in Barcelona, and we do our offset printing outside the city, to always guarantee the best possible prices.

Do you need to print T-shirts, polo shirts or any other garment?
Contact us, we specialise in digital textile printing and screen printing.
Reasonable prices and fast delivery!


We don't print like hot cakes, we work so your T-shirts look amazing.

Print adjustments

Adjustments to colour, fonts, indentation, typography... Are your designs ready for printing?

Print test

Check what your T-shirts will look like. Free for large volume projects

Free delivery

Free shipment all over Spain (depending on the quantity)

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