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"Large format printing" refers to prints on large sized supports, generally exceeding DIN A1 (84cm x 60cm).
These works are carried out using digital technology, by means of printing plotters controlled by a computer that print in a linear manner, i.e. line by line, and are fed through rolls (rolls of paper, silk, canvas, etc.). The dimensions of the plotters vary depending on the machinery, the key detail is the "width of the feeding roller". For example, we have a large format plotter with a 1.65 metre width; after that we would move onto giant prints. The length is not problem, as large format digital printing plotters allow to print the desired length, 5, 10 or even 15 metres!

The quality and resolution of the large format are also exception, despite the resolution of the originals normally being decreased to adjust to the greater distance at which the image will be viewed. In any case, large format digital printing plotters can have 10-colour technology, to provide maximum printing quality.

Billboards, giant vinyl, canvases for trade fairs and congresses, urban mupis... Large format printing is mainly used for outdoor advertising campaigns.


Printing for billboards, election campaigns, etc.

Billboards are the most widely used support for advertising and promotional campaigns in large outdoor spaces. They have a significant visual impacts, especially if they are placed high up, given that they become more visible. Billboards are always printed using digital technology, using 3 materials depending on the duration of the campaign:

  1. Printing on paper with opaque rear (so the previous campaign can't be seen), fixed using cellulose glue, lasting for about 20 days in good weather conditions. Ideal for short-lived campaigns. This is the most economical option.
  2. Printing on adhesive vinyl, resistant to rain and adverse weather conditions. Ideal for campaigns with a medium lifespan.
  3. Printing on black canvas, printed in full colour and using white ink. Fantastic, long-lasting results. Ideal for long-lasting campaigns. Eyelets for securing.


Signs for urban display cases (MUPIs)

MUPIS (Urban Furniture for Advertisement Use), are the typical advertising signs that can be seen at bus stops.

They are normally 120x175 cm. The peculiar feature of these works is that they are backlit and are exposed to outdoor elements. Hence we must use good quality backlit paper, generally coated or whiteback paper of 165 gr/m2. The printing is digital, four-colour (CMYK 4/0). Using UV inks with a darker tone to favour the backlighting, and are more resistant to discolouring caused by the sun.


Printing on microperforated canvas for construction sites, scaffolding, façades...

Microperforated canvases are ideal for large format advertising of brands or events, scaffoldings / façades under rehabilitation, concerts, etc.

Large format advertising pieces, printed on microperforated PVC canvas which is highly resistant to weather conditions, facilitating the flow of air and providing maximum safety guarantees. Large format printing of up to 5 metres wide and assembly of any sized pieces by welding (panelling). The canvases are prepared with perimeter reinforcements and eyelets, so they can be easily secured using flanges or belts.


Large format printing on paper, canvas or vinyl

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