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The wire or spiral allow for binding all your works in an economical and practical manner

Don't complicate things. If you need to present a bound work, one of the best options is to print it using digital and bind it with wire, spiral or bead. It's fast, cheap and very versatile, as it allows for "correcting" (adding pages). It is also very practical for the reader, due to the convenience of turning the pages 360º, allowing to bend the book fully.

Due to all this, wire-o is exceptional for binding technical manuals, notebooks, booklets, dissertations, calendars, road maps, excursion guides, etc.

  1. Printing technology. Digital for printing a small quantity at a good price
  2. Type and thickness of the paper. Simple paper, glossy, of 80 to 90 grams.
  3. Quantity: However many you need, from 1 to 1,000 notebooks.
  4. Delivery time: Urgent delivery in 24 hours.


Which is best, spiral, bead or wire-o?

Spiral binding is the most simple of them all. It is a single wire moulded into a spiral. The bead is different in so far as it had a sort of spine which provides it with more robustness, although it prevents from fully turning the pages. The Wire-O, possibly the highest quality, is made up of double rings, which provide more elegance and robustness to the book or notebook.

In any case the essential advantage is that of being able to fully turn the pages, due to which spiral and wire-o, slightly more expensive, are the best options.

When it comes to binding with wire-o you must take into account the size of the rings, which can be between 5.5 to 32 mm diameter, and the frequency of the perforations, which are normally 2:1 for small rings and 3:1 for larger rings. The wire normally comes in black, but you can customise the covers, although clients normally choose thick translucent or black plastic.


How much does it cost to bind using spiral or wire-o?

Prices depending on the number of pages, type of covers and quantity to be bound.

4 Dissertations
Size 176 x 250
148 pages
Spiral binding
Coated 300 gram covers
Back cover in 120 gram black plastic
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 69
200 Wire-o
Size 210 x 210
32 pages 170 gram coated
Wire-o binding
Coated 300 gram cover
Back cover in 120 gram black plastic
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 350
200 Notebooks
Size DIN A5
50 white pages
Spiral binding
Printed 300 gram cover
Protective laminate
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 360


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