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Print your advertisements in professional quality and at the best price

A good flyer or leaflet must be very attractive and have an elegant and modern design.
They must also give a feel of quality, in the touch, colours and finishes.
But you obviously need to print a large number, so the price must adjusted, and the unit price must be as low as possible... How to achieve this?

We are experts in printing promotional flyers, advertising diptychs and leaflets, product catalogues... We can print any format, digital and offset printing, special inks, weights, finishes, etc.

  1. Format. This can be a flat flyer, or a folded one (bi-fold, tri-fold, etc)
  2. Size. You can choose a standard size, that way you'd make the most of the dies we have, or we can make a made-to-measure die if you want a special design. The most common measurements are DIN A6 (148mm x 105mm), DIN A5 (210mm x 148mm), square (120mm x 120mm) or landscape (210mm x 99mm).
  3. Weight. Normally between 135 grams and 200 grams, with a maximum of 300 grams.
  4. Paper. Premium, white or colour, matt or glossy finish.
  5. Inks. Normally in colour, printed on one or both sides.
  6. Quantity. As of 1 unit (digital)
  7. Delivery time As of 24 hours.


Print just a few flyers in a short time with digital printing

Digital printing is ideal for small runs and/or urgent flyers or leaflets.
You can print just one unit, 100, 500 or 1,000 flyers. It is perfect for test runs, so you can see what they will look like...

Urgent flyer printing. We can print your flyers on the spot, within 24 hours, no need to wait... By using digital technology, there are no initial expenses for starting to print, the price is per unit. Make the most of the advantages provided by digital printing.


Print your flyers using offset and get the best prices and discounts

Offset provides higher quality printing and professional finishes.
Offset technology requires printing plates, hence the initial expenses are higher. This also makes for longer delivery periods, given that the inks must be allowed to dry, etc.

In turn, with offset printing you will have important discounts for large quantities, i.e. the price per flyer drops vastly as the number of flyers printed increases.
As of 1,000 flyers, clients tend to choose offset printing.


How much does it cost to print leaflets, brochures or flyers?

We recommend you run a test run in digital, to see what the flyers will look like, and then print using offset to reduce the print cost per flyer.

In any case, as Barcino we'll help you reduce the printing cost as much as possible, so your flyers look great, without spending any more money than you need to spend.

1,000 Flyers
Digital printing
Size 210x100mm
Premium 135 gram coated matt paper
Printed in full colour
Two-sided printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 75
5,000 Flyers
Digital printing
Size 210x100mm
Premium 135 gram coated matt paper
Printed in full colour
Two-sided printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 198
20,000 Flyers
Offset printing
Size 210x100mm
Premium 150 gram coated matt paper
Printed in full colour
Two-sided printing
Delivery in Barcelona: 5 days
Price: 397


Printing flyers and leaflets in the centre of Barcelona

Come and see us, we're in the centre of Barcelona (Eixample district).
We have offices and digital printing in Barcelona, and we do our offset printing outside the city, to always guarantee the best possible prices.

Do you need a reliable, fast and well-priced printing company?
We specialise in printing flyers, brochures, leaflets, etc.
Reasonable prices and fast delivery!


Trust us to print your flyers and we make sure they are amazing.

Print adjustments

Adjustments to colour, fonts, indentation, typography... Is your flyer design ready to be printed?

Print test

Check what your printed flyers will look like. Free for projects of more than 10,000 flyers

We deliver all over Spain.

Collection in Barcelona, or delivered all over Spain

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08025 Barcelona
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Project Manager

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