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Dado el escaso número de participantes y ante la imposibilidad de escoger un cartel que realmente represente el espíritu que buscaba el Concurso, el Jurado ha decidido declarar desierto este Concurso en su primera edición de 2017. Se cancela por consecuente tanto la exposición como la edición del libro conmemorativo de los 70 años de la imprenta Barcino. En cumplimiento de la LOPD, tanto los carteles recibidos, como los datos de los participantes, serán eliminados sin hacerse ningún uso de ellos.

Barcelona, 15 de Junio de 2017.

Competition rules


BARCINO, your printing partner in Barcelona since 1947, is celebrating 70 years offering pre-print, digital and offset printing services. To commemorate this anniversary, we are launching our 1st BARCINO POSTER COMPETITON, which will end on 15 June 2017, in accordance with the following competition rules.

1. The competition is aimed at young designers and creative artists below the age of 30 from all over the world.

2. The work to be entered will be a graphic composition in DIN A3 size (29.7 x 42 cm) at 300 DPI resolution, in vertical or landscape format: drawing, illustration, photograph, collage or any other format that can be copied via paper printing. The design must be on how young designers view the city of Barcelona, its everyday reality, spirit, vitality, magic… It must be an original work, and any kind of creativity or approach will be admissible.

3. The last date for delivering the originals will be 31 May 2017 at 22:00 hours. The participating works must be sent in PDF format (PDF/X), in a size not exceeding 5 Mb to the e-mail address:, stating in the subject matter “Concurso carteles Barcino”, along with the full details of the participant. Any query regarding the receipt of originals may be resolved by telephoning 93 232 27 05.

4. The Jury will be made up by Diego Gómez, director of current communication systems and art direction professor at different advertising and public relations universities; Mariano Baños, creative director at advertising agencies such as Slogan or Trace and professor of creativity in Abad Oliba and ESRP; Jordi Angerri, executive creative director; Chema Bescós, director of Ibidem Group Translations and expert in web content, usability and seo; Alfons Cornella, expert in innovation and founder of Infonomia, author of over 20 books and more than 1,000 articles on science, technology and innovation in the corporate world; and Victor Belluda, advertising professional at renowned agencies such as Dayax and Delvico Bates and director of the printing company Barcino Solucions Gràfiques.

5. The jury’s decision will be published on 15 June on, where all the works submitted can be viewed.

6. The Competition will be endowed with the following awards:
- First prize: WACOM Intuos Art creative tablet, medium-size in black, large-scale printing of the work presented in 50x70cm, on foam board, a cheque for 350 Euros.
- Second prize: WACOM Intuos Art creative tablet, medium-size in black, large-scale printing of the work presented in 50x70cm, on foam board, a cheque for 150 Euros.
- Third prize: WACOM Intuos Art creative tablet, medium-size in black, large-scale printing of the work presented in 50x70cm, on foam board.
The three winners will also receive an invitation to attend the Anniversary Gala where the prizes will be given and the winning works will be exhibited.

7. The copyright of the winner and finalist posters will be transferred to Barcino Solucions Gràfiques, S.L, for the purpose of promoting the competition, editing a book and exhibiting the posters during its 70th anniversary celebrations. In the event of putting these copyrights to commercial use, the participants and authors of the posters will receive their proprietary rights over the sale, distribution, reproduction, and transformation of the posters.

8. The winning works as well as a selection of the works submitted will be compiled into a book and, in addition, will be exhibited first at the Imprenta Barcino facilities, at Calle Nàpols 255 (08025 Barcelona) from 15 June to 6 July 2017, and during the awards ceremony of the 1st BARCINO POSTER COMPETITION which will be held on 7 July 2017.


Poster and Rules of the contest

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