Calendars: the best company gift for 2016

Promotional calendars for 2016

A traditional gift, one that everyone likes!

What do you need printing?



Good, pretty and cheap, a calendar is still a good gift even today.

A classic among classics, calendars are still among the most appreciated corporate promotional products. As the end of the year draws near we all expect to receive gift calendars, and we choose the one we like the most to hang it on the office wall, on our desk or carry it in our wallet or handbag.

Printing calendars for promoting your company has lots of advantages:

  1. Its practical and useful, everyone likes them.
  2. There is lots of space for promoting your brand.
  3. They provide for lots of creativity, each one is different.
  4. They have a long useful life: 1 year
  5. Cheap to product and send.


Choose the calendar format that best suits you

The pocket calendar is the most popular format, as it is the most practical and also the cheapest to produce and send, thanks to its reduced size. It is normally printed of 250 gram paper, credit card size.

The desk calendar is medium sized (DIN A5) and as it has several pages, these are normally kept together using spiral or wire binding. Every desk should have one!

The wall calendar is similar, but much bigger and ambitious, much more spectacular in so far as its images and obviously more expensive to produce.


Choose digital printing for just a few calendars, and offset for large volumes.

Digital printed calendars. Intense colours, professional finishes and quality. We can do very small runs, 100, 10 or just one calendar is you want. You'll receive your calendar in less than 24 hours, at very reasonable prices.

Offset printing as of 1,000 / 3,000 calendars. Greater control of the printing (special effects, pantones, etc.), but less cost per unit: the more calendars you print, they cheaper the unit. Slightly longer delivery periods (ink drying, etc.).


How much does it cost to print promotional calendar?

At Barcino we will help you print your calendars for less money, but looking just as good. Ask us and we will help you to reduce the price, as well as ensuring your calendars are as effective as possible.

Pocket calendars
1,000 units in colour
Pocket size (VISA)
5.5 x 8.5 cm
Two-sided colour printing
Images + customised logo
Rounded edges die
Delivery in Barcelona: 24 hours.
Price: 170
Desk calendars
100 units in colour
Size 30 x 10cm
Two-sided colour printing
Images + customised logo
Black spiral wire-o
8 pages. (two-monthly)
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 140
Wall calendars
100 units in colour
Size DIN A4
Two-sided colour printing
Images + customised logo
Black spiral wire-o
8 pages. (two-monthly)
Delivery in Barcelona: 3 days
Price: 187


Experts in editing, designing and printing advertising calendars

We'll help you to print the most calendars with the maximum quality, at the best price. And if need it, we have designers who can help with the layout of your calendar, to make it more attractive.

Come and see us, we're in the centre of Barcelona (Eixample district).
Reasonable prices and fast delivery!


We don't print calendars like hot cakes, we work so your calendars are amazing.

Print adjustments

Adjustments to colour, fonts, indentation, typography... Is your calendar design ready to be printed?

Print test

Check what your printed calendars will look like. Free for projects of more than 5,000 calendars

Free delivery

Free shipment all over Spain (depending on the quantity)

... and all right here, on hand,


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Jordi Planes

Project Manager

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